Karma, Karma, Karma Dogeared Necklace

Currently on loan from one of my best friends Jaime, is this adorable Karma Gold Dipped Necklace from Dogeared. I wear it everyday and love the saying the accompanies the card...
"what goes around, comes around...wear your necklace as a reminder to keep the circle positive, peaceful and loving"
Quite a good philosophy to keep in mind on those days that being positive is just not in the cards.

Thanks Jaime!


Shelby said...

How fitting :) Love it. I want one myself.

Ha my word verification word is "Coodle"


coco+kelley said...

looooove it. i'm wearing my 'pearls of wisdom' one right now! just a single pearl on a white cord... a good reminder to make 'wise' decisions :) i just love their whole line of necklaces!


Colour Me Happy said...

Okay I haven't added a new blog to my list of 'favourites' in a while but I had to add yours just now when I found it! Now I'm just trying to figure out which necklace I want to order :)


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