Song of the Week ~ Give Your Heart A Break

if i am being completely honest with y'all i have not been the biggest fan of miss demi lovato.  she seemed annoying and i could have cared less about her. 

then one day in cw, trice was playing "give your heart a break" and i was like, this song is my jam.  little did i know it was by the very same demi lovato i had been dissing and dismissing.  my bad. 

it's poppy and fun and definitely my latest guilty music pleasure. 


Yamilette said...

Good choice. I really like this song an wind up singing part of it if I'm listening to it while driving.

The previews to "X-Factor" with her also look good. Looks like she is quite lively with Simon Cowell and the contestants. :)

KP said...

As always, I seem to be on the same musical page as you. :-)


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