Forever Frugal Friday

i have a love hate relationship with maxi dresses.  i love the look of them, but with my short frame tend to feel overwhelmed in one.  and this past weekend on montana avenue all i could see where cute women everywhere sporting maxi dresses. 
and so even though b is not a fan of maxi dresses, i am on the hunt for the perfect maxi dress (that will of course require hemming) for summer 2013.  while i would prefer a bright colored maxi to sport around town, this tribal print maxi dress could be a good start at an incredible price of under$25! 
are you on board for the maxi dress trend?  what are your favorite maxi dresses out right now?


Raechelle said...

I wasn't really on board at first for the same reasons as you (I'm 5'3"), but I bought one last year from Gap and am living in them now this summer. It seems like at first they only made them for super tall girls, but now I'm finding a ton that fit us shorties with no hemming needed! They're so comfy, I love them.

Makeshift Margaritas said...

I am LOVING maxi's this summer! I did a post about it last month here! http://makeshiftmargaritas.blogspot.com/2013/05/maxing-out_21.html


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