Yoga Newbie

am i the only one who finds yoga intimidating? 
my friend b has really inspired me to finally give this yoga thing a try (also every time i get a massage they remind me how tight i am and that i need to incorporate some yoga into my routine).  living social also inspired me with this incredible deal for a month unlimited for only $30 at yogaworks (actually only $20 using the promo code FREEDOM at checkout)! 
and so, i have my month unlimited, my inspiration and my fingers and toes crossed that this yoga thing works for me.  i am nervous as a beginner and also nervous that i will look like a fool in front of everyone, but i am going to give it my all. 
any tips for this novice? 

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DrayaAnn said...

I gave it a try recently and hated the first session. But since I paid I went back and each session after that I started loving it and I could totally tell I was less sore and much less stiff. I hope you love it too!


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