Go Ahead...Open Pandora (the website)

If there is one thing I adore more than anything, it is good music. Now everyone has their own opinion of what constitutes "good music" (Me = anything 80's, 90's Pop, Cheesy Love Songs), but that is why I love me some Pandora http://pandora.com/. This site lets you pick your own music stations via songs you like or artists you enjoy, and then plays songs they think you can't wait to hear based on your selections. The fun part is that you get to rate the songs with a simple "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" and Pandora will then edit the next song to reflect your opinion (It makes me feel like I am a record exec rating new music). If you find a station that your BFF can't live without, email the station to him or her and then they can listen and judge as they see fit.

Some of my fave stations I have created:

*Glamorous - Fergie, Beyonce, Gwen (Good for a Friday night with the girls!)
*If you Leave Me Now - James Taylor, Bee Gees, (Good Work Tunes)
*Safety Dance - Awesome New Wave 80's (I heart the 80's!)
*Jump - Whitesnake, Poison (Rock of Love revived my need for Glam Rock)

So go ahead, open that box, I promise you won't regret it!

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