Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of those holidays that reminds me why I wish I lived in a house. I miss Trick-or-Treaters, and Jack O'Lanterns, which are sparse in my apartment hallways. However, there is no reason at all that I still can't get in the spirit. Leave it to Martha to find a way to make this dark and ghoulish holiday into something a little more glamorous that can easily carry on into Thanksgiving time.

I pretty much LOVE anything that glitters, sparkles, or shines and these pumpkins are no exception. I am not a crafty gal by any means, but I am almost 100% sure I can replicate these pumpkins for my Thanksgiving centerpieces. If you are crafty or like all things that twinkle, follow the directions here .

No tricks here, just a treat you are sure to enjoy as well as your guests!

1 comment:

coco+kelley said...

martha went crazy with the glitter this year - did you see the green glitter skulls? LOVED THEM! where's the pug-kin? i wanna see a photo!


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