Goldie Locks Headband

I made the mistake of entering J.Crew today at lunch. I am telling you, that store just keeps getting cuter and cuter by the minute. Normally I skip right past the hair accessories counter, but today something drew me in. I picked up this adorable Triple Band Metallic Elastic Headband and tried it on. Now, I kind of have a small head and headbands NEVER fit. Well wouldn't you just know that the last gold headband in the store fit, and as an added bonus it was marked down to $9.99? Well, it would have been just plain silly if I hadn't purchased it................ so I did.

I am hoping to look even a smidgen as cute as Milla does in hers.


Courtney and Nicholas said...

Super cutie headband...that will definitely look super cutie on you!

Joey said...

simple headbands is back! can make an outfit look classy!


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