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I received my first reader request email from Jamie of All Trades(great blog, great friend)....

I need your help! I'm going to NYC in May with my mom and sister and I need
a bag to take with. But I don't want to spend a lot of money. I'm thinking
something that could go over my body, a long shoulder strap but not too
expensive. YBB, can you help me?

Of course I can’t leave a girl hanging, so here are the options I found in the low (under $50) and moderate (under $150) price range.

Forever 21 just never disappoints with satisfying whatever need I may have. I found both of these darling bags with much ease. The Bella Messenger bag is a good choice as it is lightweight (good for walking) and stylish at the same time. The studded flap is my favorite part.

I also enjoy their Faux Leather & Canvas Tote. Simple and clean, guaranteed to go with almost any outfit you may sport. Plus it transitions easily into an evening purse by just removing the shoulder strap.

If you want to go a little trendier and don’t mind sporting faux Chanel, then this Quilted Parachute bag can easily fit your lip gloss, wallet, and perhaps a few pashmina’s you may pick up from a street vendor...

The Moderate Bags are a bit pricier, you'll be able to get more wear and tear out of them. I love this Big Buddah Shelby bag, again it's a convertible purse (removable shoulder strap) and the white is just so summery and bright. The strap looks like it would provide durability and also comfort which is important when walking all over town.

Equally adorable and I think my favorite is this Melie Bianco Mod bag. This bag has a lot of personality, with the stark contrast of white and black. It will go with just about anything you wear, and the depth of the purse will help store all the goodies you pick up here and there.

Last but certainly not least, the Michael Kors Montauk Leather bag comes in a variety of colors (I am biased obviously to the yellow), and looks to be made of a nice buttery leather that over time will soften and become a nice piece to add to any collection. Plus I heart Michael Kors and have been really enjoying his purse line lately.

Happy travels to you Jamie! Hopefully one of these bags will be exactly what you were looking for at the right price. Wish I was there to enjoy a magnolia cupcake and shop the Marc Jacobs discount store with you!

*If you have any requests of items you would like help finding, please email me!*


lgiove said...

Great finds! I <3 Michael Kors too!!! Simply classic :)

Sweet Nothings said...

I KINDA LOVE that forever bag!

jamieofalltrades said...

These are perfect! Thank you so, so, so much! Great finds. I am loving the F21 option. It's almost like a Balenciaga or Kooba bag. Awesome!
Love you friend! XoXo

Emz said...

Oh these are all fabulous bags! haha =) Hmmmm maybe its time for a new bag...


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