2009 In Pictures

While I can hardly believe that 2010 is just 31 hours away, I have to say that if it is anything like 2009, I will gladly welcome it with open arms. Below are my favorite pictures and memories of 2009.


January started off with a bang when Miss Lynne (far left) visited LA and we hit up Pink Taco, Red Rock and Coco de Ville. Such a fun night!


February had me celebrating my last year of my 20's...the big 2-9 with lots of friends and good times!

It also had my close girlfriend Erin tying the knot in Maui with an incredible group of WSU alum!

MARCH 2009

March had a group of us girls heading up north to Santa Barbara for Jaime's bachelorette party.

APRIL 2009

Had me heading down to Puerto Vallarta for Mrs. F's nuptials (2nd in from left).

And serving as a bridesmaid, whilst enjoying the bar swings at our resort with Kim!

MAY 2009

Had me traveling over to Miami with Mrs. F and Mrs. R for a weekend I will NEVER forget :)

Including but not limited to: hot, late nights at the Delano :)

JUNE 2009

Had us girls heading east to Palm Springs and experiencing the Riveria Hotel and all its glory!

It also had me bidding adieu to one of my favorite girls Mrs. S as her and the hubby trekked to Hoboken.

JULY 2009

July brought sunny skies on the 4th of July in Venice.

Had me experiencing Coldplay in Irvine with Avery and Mrs. R (#1 Fan). Such an experience!!

July also was hard, as I had to part ways with my bestie Mrs. R as she and hubby packed and left for DC :(


Had my GF Kim visiting from Seattle, where we spent a day day drinking and pub crawling in Venice. So much fun!!

Had us attending the Del Mar Races (I won $166 bucks!) and sampling some micro-brews at a beer festival.

A night out in San Diego was definitely in order after the races.

Lastly, it had me attending a beautiful and touching wedding of Ari & Ronit in LA.


Labor Day weekend brought lounging by the pool with our doctored up Vitamin Waters.

Felicity's bachelorette party in Santa Monica was a major hit.

The night included new friends, lots or memories and even more laughs.


Had me attending Mrs. C's wedding at La Venta Inn in Palos Verdes and drooling over her incredible wedding gown.

I celebrated the blessed union with two phenomenal women and took in the breathtaking view.

Lastly, October brought me reunited with my bestie Mrs. R in her new home of DC. An amazing weekend!


Had my girl Christy hosting a Thanksgiving for the books.

I also finally got to feel that beautiful baby bump that belongs to Mrs. S.


Had me reunited with my sorority sisters (and dressed in grey to match - totally unplanned!)

And of course most recently, enjoying the company of 20 fantastic friends who reminded me why it is so important to surround yourself with stellar people.

I feel blessed to be able to experienced so many great things this past year and I think 2010 can only look up! Cheers to all of you and your memories of 2009!


Coug Gal said...

Love this, Lyndsy!!! What a great year you had with some beautiful ladies!

Sweet Nothings said...

what a fantastic year for you...i ma have to steal this pos t idea for next year!!

Stylista said...

I love this post! 2009 seems to be an unforgetable year for everyone!

Erin said...

Love this post - it was the perfect walk down memory lane. Well done Lynds! Can't wait to see what 2010 has in store.
P.S. Seattle misses you...

Amber said...

OMG looked like lots of good times with pretty ladies!! LOve it!!

Jen said...

Just found your blog - it is absolutely fabulous! You have a new follower :)
I totally am going to steal this memories of 2009 thing!

DrayaAnn said...

Wow what a great year! First off I'm jealous of every single dress you wore this year. Secondly, you make me want to live in Cali so badly! And lastly, I hope you have a great 2010.

J said...

What a great post! Loved to see your year in photos - looks like you had a great 2009!

I have to ask - your grey shirt in the second to last photo, who's it by? I love it, it's the perfect grey color. Lol.

Jaime said...

Great photos! Lots of beautiful weddings :) Happy new year!

jessica lynn said...

this post was so fun to read!!! however, i HAVE to ask about Felicity's bachelorette party... I am currently planning a nautical themed bachelorette party for my best friend in Chicago this coming May. Any tips/ideas that you can give me from Felicity's?! Games, attire, decorations, etc!??! Anything! Comment here or you can email me at: pennedandpretty@gmail.com
thank youuuu!

Lynne said...

Love all the memories of 2009! Cant wait to see what 2010 brings us. love and miss ya. xoxo

Lyndsy said...

Thanks ladies! 2009 was soo great! Cheers to 2010 with new dresses and memories!

J ~ The grey shirt I am wearing is my friend Jaime's but I know she got it at Zara :) Good luck!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

You're lucky to have such a great group of girlfriends. It's such an important part of life that lots of people overlook. And I LOVE your cobalt dress in August 2009 pictures. I need it!

Rosellini said...

I loved these! You look gorgeous Friend!

christianson said...

you are adorable! so fun to see these and can't wait for the new ones in 2010.

Beebs said...

adorable! i love the year in photos. Happy New Year!

Lyndsy said...

Sarah Elizabeth ~ The cobalt dress was borrowed from my girl Jaime and is an Amanda Uprichard dress. She has some serious goodies to select from :) And agreed about great people/friends. I try not overlook them ever :)

Apt. #34 said...

What a great recap lady. So happy to see you surrounded by such beautiful friends. You deserve the very best! PS - added to the blog roll. tragic oversight!

Avery Bleu said...

super cute


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