Holiday Gift Ideas #2 ~ Naughty & Nice Knickers

Every year, without fail Santa always leaves me some knickers in my stocking. One year he may have forgotten and I may or may not have thrown a little of a fit. In any case, the little gifts below are sure to bring a smile to however receives (or sees) them!

For the gal who reads her horoscope everyday (sometimes guilty myself), these Aerie Horoscope Undies are sure to please. Also, if some D-Bag decides to use that cheesy line, "What's your sign" she can gladly send two messages at once!

On my wish list from Santa are these darling Hanky Panky Candy Low Rise Thongs. They are just so darn comfortable and since my sweet pup Waldo has a bit of a Hanky Panky fetish to, I would like to replenish my supply (TMI I know) .

These Juicy Couture Sweet Boyshorts are a piece of cake that will go straight to her ass, but in a good way ;)

This little PINK Tank & Panty set is angelic and perfect for cozy time in bed. (Did anyone else watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show last night? WOW!)

Perhaps you have a friend who never dresses down regardless of where she is...well she shouldn't have to dress down under there either, and this Aerie Tuxedo Undie Set will allow her to be black tie always.

My girlfriend Jaime and I always exchange little undies for Christmas and every year she treats me to a new darling pair of Honeydew Mesh Boyshorts, which are perfect for under dresses without being all granny panty like.

For the girl who is a little prim and proper, why not serve her some cute Juicy Couture Boyshorts in a tea cup?

Last but not least, for that wild child minx friend of yours, the Aerie Wild Thong Set may just tame her for a bit.

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Knickers!


Anonymous said...

Love! Have you signed on vs pink nation? They send you a coupon a month for a free vs pink panty!!! Plus other buy one get one promos!

Erin said...

Love the hanky panky candy wrapped thong - so cute!
P.S. At one point, you did own the most expensive pair - ha!

Luci said...

I love the horoscope undies! So cute! And only $6!

Jaime said...

Yes- love the aerie ones too! Juicy usually does the cutest undies gifts.

DeLane & Kevin & Parker Lilly said...

Being a marketing girl...how fun would it be to design all this creative packging for our unmentionables! Love this post:)

Lyndsy said...

Montana ~ I had no idea about Pink Nation! Thanks for the tip, definitely going to sign up!

Erin~ Indeed I did OWN the most expensive pair of hanky pankies ($4500 later)

DeLane~ The best packaging, I am a total sucker and willing to spend more because of it. Marketing geniuses!

Amanda said...

I adore the first set- so cute and frilly!

Shelby said...

Love these. I was just saying this morning how I want new undies :)


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