Song Of The Week: Do Anything

Do Anything by ice1906

Oh my gosh! I was a little stumped for a song of the week for today and then my local sushi spot Sweet Fish helped me out by jamming some seriously fantastic 90's music.  Included in the mix was "Do Anything" by Natural Selection and I instantly squealed with excitement when it came on.

Words cannot express how much I LOVED this song in junior high.  Oh my gosh!  This song was up there with Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, Tony! Toni! Tone!.  And some 20 years later (yuck - did I really just say that) I still love it.  Unfortunately Natural Selection isn't showing up for purchase on Itunes, so in order to enjoy this lovely tune you will need to purchase the actual CD and upload it the old way (or dig through your CD collection, perhaps it is hiding on one of those one hit wonder albums).

I am for sure eyeing a used album because I would "Do Anything" to have this song on my IPod.  Gotta love the '90's!

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Danielle said...

there is nothing like an old jam to get you in the mood!
anytime I am out and Montel Jordan comes on, I die of happiness


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