Song of the Week: Twelve Days of Christmas

With the recent revival and successful return of The Muppets (thanks to one darling Jason Segel) it seemed only fitting to select the "Twelve Days of Christmas" for song of the week. 

Can I just tell you how much I loved this song as a child growing up?  It brings me back to my aunt and uncle's house on Christmas Eve and begging for them to put The Muppet Christmas record on...yep I said record.  Oh the joy that album would bring me. 

While the album was filled with great holiday tunes, my favorite still to this day is their "Twelve Days of Christmas" version.  Miss Piggy's "ba-da-bum-bum" always had me in stitches and I also loved Beaker's little squeaks (which is missing in the version above).

All this reminiscing has me looking forward to Christmas Eve again at Aunt Randi & Uncle John's, where I just may make them pull out the record and play it for old time sake.  Enjoy!

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