Wide Open Spaces...

Thanksgiving in Kansas was wonderfully relaxing and full of good memories.  I can honestly say I experienced the most beautiful sunsets/sunrises ever and felt like a straight up country girl.  While I  not ready to make the move to farm life anytime soon, I thought I would share my fave pictures from the trip.  I returned relaxed and full of cheer and am so thankful for B's amazing family for hosting such a wonderful trip!

Below are some of my fave pics (loving instragram btw! follow me @lyndsylee) from the trip!

4.5-5 hour drive from Colorado to Kansas

early sunrise Thanksgiving morning

sunrise continued from the farm

wild farm kitty who couldn't have been sweeter!

happy thanksgiving (i wore my uggs the ENTIRE week!)

shot some guns at targets (no animals)

serene sunset

gorgeous deer who just stared at us!

more deer off in the horizon - bambi?

finished the 750 piece puzzle...only took us 2 days!

sunsets with my sweetie make me happy

wide open spaces is all i kept singing the whole drive there and back (also thought about the disgusting outhouse we had to stop at on the way to Kansas but passed on the way back to Denver)

rocky mountain high! returning back to LA aboard Frontier


Nicole Marie said...

the sunrise is beautiful!!

Holly said...

you two are so cute!!!

and those rocky mtns are no joke, wow, just beautiful!

Courtney said...

Gorgeous pictures!! Looks like a fabulous trip-

DeLane, Kevin & Parker Lilly said...

What GREAT photos to go with a great trip!!

Aurelia said...

Your photos are BEAUTIFUL!
Thank you for sharing!

xo Aurelia


Jamieofalltrades said...

I'm following you. Look for me jsmcquary

Miss K said...

looks like a fantastic trip! the pics lok so good too!


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