Holiday Party Time...Rent the Runway Style

i have been dying to try rent the runway for my next big event and finally had the opportunity for my company holiday party. 
the dress code was cocktail, so i new i wanted to go short, and for the longest time i have been wanting to wear an all sequin dress. 
after searching their endless supply of amazing dresses, and reading numerous reviews i decided to order the dress in an xs and s.  my event was on the 8th and i received my dress on the 7th. 
only problem was that i only received one dress instead of the two i ordered (they always give you one extra size free).  i glanced at the size xs and was a little nervous that i would have to do some last minute shopping. 
lucky for me, the size xs fit like a glove. 
(i should mention that rtr did email me on the 6th (and i missed the email) that they would only be shipping the xs as there was an issue with getting the s)

off to the party b and i went and let me just say the dress was a hit!  i loved dancing in it and it was definitely a conversation starter! 
i opted to go with a "sock bun" top knot, simple eyes and bold lips which i think complimented the dress even more. 

we had such a great time that we forgot to take more pictures (or a full length shot) and at the end of the night i didn't want to give the dress back! 
but back into the pre-addressed stamped envelope it went and i bid adieu to all the fun memories the dress provided. 
although my rent the runway experience wasn't perfect, it was pretty damn close and i will most definitely be renting in the near future again! 
be sure to check out rent the runway for your next event...perhaps some more sparkly goodness for new years?


Tallia said...

that dress looks stunning on you!! i love sparkles on a dress!!


Cara said...

loves the dress! I rented from there once-but the sress came smelling like smoke- disappointing ;/

Jamieofalltrades said...

I just got a $50 off RTR from this month's BirchBox and I'm excited to try it. Maybe this summer for a wedding?
You looked gor girl!

Kristen said...

you look dead sexy! you skinny minnie


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