Best Brush Ever!

no seriously.  this little guy is amazeballs. 
i have super fine hair that is a pain in the butt to comb out when i get out of the shower.  so much so that i don't brush my hair ever. 
for reals.  i only brush my hair when i get out of the shower.  and even then i don't actually brush it, i just comb it and it usually takes a some time and results in a loss of a lot of hair and a bit of a sore head (and god knows how many broken hairs). 
so imagine my delight when my new hairdresser ashley worked this nifty weird gadget through my hair in a matter of seconds (all while it massaged my head).  i immediately asked what the hell was that.  and she informed me it was called the "tangle teezer" and it was great on all types of hair, wet or dry. 
i was of course sold and ready to purchase only to find out that they are kind of hard to track down (i should have ordered online).  a few weeks ago i found this sparkly brush at barrington court health & beauty supply and couldn't wait to try it out at home...turns out it works just as well at home as it did in the salon! 
it does sometimes make me feel like i am brushing a horses tail due to the shape and sound, but i promise you, this brush is life changing!  it's the perfect brush for summer beach days, or everyday shower days!


Leann said...

Lyndsy!! I ordered one off Amazon last week per your Instagram photo. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you, thank you! <3 Leann

Holly said...

thank goodness for hair stylists and their good finds!


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