Song of the Week: #Beautiful

i have a total love/hate relationship with mariah carey.  the hate meter has been in the full mode for almost ten years now.  gone were the gold old mariah days, replaced with the emancipation of mimi (no thank you) and other crappy songs. 

however, my hate meter of mariah is currently at an all time low, as i am IN LOVE with her latest song "#beautiful" (although really, wtf is up with the hahtag business)?  maybe it's because it's a duet with miguel, maybe it's because it has an old school vibe to it, or maybe it's because mariah cut all the crap finally and just sings great lyrics they way she used to. 

whatever the reason may be, i love this song.  it's pretty and makes me smile and wanna sway side to side in my car with sun shining down in through the sun roof. 

perfect summer jam. 


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