Forever Frugal Friday

Last week, when I posted this pic, I got some comments about white wayfarers and heart-shaped sunglasses. So below are some great priced replicas, that you won't feel too bad about breaking or losing!

These F7782 Sunglasses are darling in both the white and lavender.  As fun as it would be to own actual Ray Ban Wayfarer's, I think I will instead opt to put the extra $139.20 into my "Fun in the Sun" piggy bank. 
Heart-shaped sunglasses just scream "Fun" to me, and I think every girl should have a pair handy for that perfect photo opportunity.  I know this is Forever Frugal Friday, but I think it might be okay just this once to share an Unbelievable Urban find?  These Sweet Heart Sunglasses are available in red, pink, black or white so you should have no problem matching your sunglasses to you best summer outfit. 

Which ever style you choose, be sure to accent it with a huge grin and some sun, cause these glasses really aren't Risky Business at all!

1 comment:

Sweet Nothings said...

i have black heart shaped i got at kohls by avril lavigne(dont judge)

i LOVE them lol. so so fun.


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