Free Ice Blended

Woot Woot for all those lucky residents of Arizona, California, Texas and Nevada! Today between the hours of 4-7 PM you can head over to your closest Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for a complimentary 12oz. Ultimate Honey-Kissed, Ultimate Caramel or Ultimate Dark Chocolate Ice Blended® drink. 

I think I will go for the Ultimate Caramel.....


Miss K said...

Sounds delicious! Too bad I don't drink coffee though :(

Michelle said...

Waah! It always makes me wish I lived in CA when this day comes every year...I heart ice blendeds! :( Enjoy your caramel one, it sounds delish! I think I will start a petition for CB's to make their debut in WA!

Erin said...

I wish I lived in SoCal today so I could enjoy a free ice blended!! Jealous!!
MG - let's open a Coffee Bean in Bellevue, it would be a HUGE hit! Marge could be our first employee since she has the experience.


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