Song Of The Week: She's Gone

Today's choice is the last cover song, and I might add that I saved the best for last :) Interpreting the Masters, Vol. 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall & John Oates by The Bird & The Bee is Ah-Mazing.  I have always held a special place in my heart for Hall & Oates (just ask my roomie), and The Bird & The Bee do a spectacular job of recreating the classic tunes with a fresh take.  This is one of those albums I can listen to again and again and again. 

"She's Gone" isn't my favorite Hall & Oates song, but The Bird & The Bee version is just beautiful and soothing.  I was first introduced to The Bird & The Bee from the Sex And The City: Music From the Original Motion Picture and their cover of "How Deep Is Your Love" another beauty. 

If you love Hall & Oates, I must urge you to add this album to your collection.  It is not to be missed! 


Politics and Pearls said...

I Love this and H&O : )

christianson said...

Love it! Your songs of the week are becoming my life's sound track!

Couture Carrie said...

Lovely selection, darling!


Amanda* said...

Uh-Mazing! I think I just listened to it 5 times :) haha

Tiffany said...

I bought this album when it first came out and I'm still listening to it non-stop. They did such a great job recreating these already beautiful songs.


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