Forever Frugal Friday {Saturday Edition}

This past week my girlfriends and I have been discussing boat shoes and how cute we think they are.  While I love the idea of them, I am not sure if I think they are necessarily for me.  However if I were to get a pair I would most likely snag these goldies

Last time I went sailing the captain laughed at me for wearing my gold TOM's and commented that they were not seaworthy.  However, these little puppies are most definitely seaworthy and stylish.  



FaeLove said...

OMG I completely agree, I've thought over a ton of times about whether boat shoes would be needed but they're just so cute. I posted a blog about this too!

Wants for Travel


Danielle said...

i JUST bought similar at old navy. try them. They are more comfy than forever flats.

Cannot wait to hear about your SF trip!! Have sooooo soooo sooo much fun and give the city a big kiss for me


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