Song Of The Week: Take Over Control

Afrojack ft. Eva Simons - Take Over Control (Official Video) [www.extasyradio.com] found on Pop

I noticed lately that I have really been enjoying electronic/techno music. Normally it was a genre I avoided, but now I can't get enough. One of my latest faves is Take Over Control by Afrojack. 

This past weekend Afrojack performed at Coachella and I am sure they put on quite a show.  Eva Simons adds some great vocals to an already energetic beat and after watching the video for the first time today, she reminds me a little of Rihanna. 

This song has become an absolute favorite for working out as it just makes me want to run a little bit faster and a little bit longer on the treadmill.  I essentially let the song take over control of my workout...not a bad thing at all.


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