Word Up Wednesday

i really believe this one...

i love this. so strong and powerful.

i received this little goodie while i was away in San Fran from my girl Shelby and the cute little note below:

"I thought it was very cool given that we were at high tea which is a wonderful tradition among the Brits to relax and unwind with friends - no computers, no cellphones just good company.   Something us "yanks" should remember to do every now and then.  Plus high tea tends to involve champagne and lots of goodies like macaroons - what's not to love? :)"
i couldn't agree more Shelbs!  thanks for the great reminder and for sharing it with all of us!



i was anticipating little RJR last friday, Mama Coff is being induced tomorrow!! can't wait for his arrival!

happy administrative professionals day!  i got an amex gift card.  happy to be of service!

Thank you for all your feedback and opinions for my Saturday Night Rentals!  Please continue to vote (on the right) or comment about your fave! 



FaeLove said...

oh i love the nike one, i just read the bolded words and it sunk. thanks!


Danielle said...

love these!


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