Forever Frugal Friday - Steal vs. Splurge

Carrie Bradshaw Photo Via Here

Back when SATC2 came out, I was loving this Halston Heritage Pleated Cocktail Dress.  However I wasn't loving the $435 price tag for a dress that essentially doesn't do much for any figure but was worn by Carrie Bradshaw so it is instantly fashionable.  Fast forward a year a few months and good old Forever 21 has this Tired Pleat Dress for a smashing price of $22.80.  Now that is more to my liking. 

This dress is perfect for those hot summer days (hint, hint, LA) and warm summer nights.  Plus it never hurts to let your inner Carrie Bradshaw out to play. 


Holly said...

cute! i remember that dress. im scared to try one on, because of the figure comment, so true!

Ali said...

thanks for posting! i just bought it online :)

A. said...

I remember this dress! I'm loving the F21 version and price tag, too;) Thanks for sharing! -A


Danielle said...

cute! the halston is pretty cute on too, but the price is blah

Miss K said...

great find! i just watched this movie this week and loved everything she wore...except that newspaper dior dress.

Ali said...

ETA: I bought this online.. and it's not so much a "dress" but more of a "shirt" and could not even be worn with leggings!!! so disappointing F21:(


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