Song Of The Week: Give Me Everything

My new obsession on the radio, gym, wherever is Pitbull's Give Me Everything.  It is my current "happy song" that has me bopping along and smiling whenever I hear it.  It makes me want to dance and sing and be with friends. 

I have always enjoyed Pitbull, and my roomie Avery always used to tease me and say I had a crush on him, and guess what, after this song, I will gladly admit I have a crush on not only Pitbull but Ne-Yo as well. 

I realize it is only the first of June, but I foresee this song lasting well into the summer months ahead...especially with lyrics like, "but I might drink a little bit more than I should tonight".  Sounds like summer to me!


Miss K said...

LOVE this song! it makes me want to dance all night long. anything by pitbull is always a good dance song

Danielle said...

this song is sooo sooo fab. song of summer. i dance in my car every time i hear it!

Chiara said...

LOVE that song, I can't sit still when I hear it, even at work!
xo C.

corrine said...

lovelovelove this jam - it's the only way to run on the treadmill! :)




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