Song Of The Week: The Big Bang

The other morning while I got ready for work listening to VH1's "Jump Start" I heard the song "The Big Bang" and since I couldn't see the TV assumed from the sound of it that it was a new Maroon 5 song featuring Amy Winehouse.  When I stepped closer to the TV I saw Miley Cyrus and the boy who played drug dealing Damien from Gossip Girl and I became very curious. 

Turns out this awesome song is by the band Rock Mafia and came out back in November of 2010 (where have I been).  It's a little bit jazzy, a little bit pop-y and a whole lot of goodness.  I have been listening to it nonstop since Friday and have yet to grow tired of it.

Even if I am little late to the party, this song is sure to help summer go out with a big, big, bang!


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I looove this song from Mob Wives. I made it my ring tone LOL. I haven't seen the miley video.

Danielle said...

loveeee this


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