Forever Frugal Friday

Next Monday, I depart for Denver to spend Thanksgiving with B and his family.  I was super excited until I realized I didn't have any appropriate pajamas.  Old boxer shorts, skuzzy sweats and holey washed too many times t-shirts sure, but legit cute, come down to breakfast, be seen in public pajamas, no such luck.  Thus began my quest for cute pajamas. 

Surprisingly the options available were slim to none (unless I wanted $50 pj pants or ultra thin see through ones) and I was freaking out a bit, until my sweet roomie Aves came to my rescue with these cuties!  But I figured two pairs of pj bottoms is never a bad thing and wouldn't you just know that Forever has these cute Jumbo Dot Flannel PJ Bottoms which I just adore, and for under $11! 

What is your favorite thing to sleep in (besides your birthday suit)?  Any great must have pj's that I should check out?  Also do you think wearing pj's to breakfast with your boyfriends parents is ok?!


Danielle said...

those are cute! and I think those are fine if you wear a sweatshirt with it!

cant wait to see you sunday.

Jamieofalltrades said...

really cute. one of my 2010 goals is to get all new pjs and other things to sleep in.

Lindsay said...

Funny that Jamie is going back in time w/ her goals. Tough one... :) PS. I LOVE PJS.


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