I'm Loving It...(Shh...Don't Tell)

The Starbucks "Red Cup" is back!!!

I found myself in a funny situation today.  I was overjoyed by the return of the red cup, but then felt annoyed that it seems a little too soon...like perhaps November 15th would have been a better day to release the glorious red cup. 

I will tell you that it is FAR TOO EARLY for the holiday music that greeted me today at Macy's while browsing the racks.  Unacceptable.  I love holiday music more than the average person and it is too soon.  Holiday music after Thanksgiving all for it. 

Which makes me wonder...am I a hypocrite for loving and smiling at this beautiful red cup and cursing out loud at Macy's for playing holiday?  You be the judge. 

Truth be told...I can't wait to get my new red cup tomorrow ;)


Sara said...

The red cup made my morning today! Love it!

Anna said...

The red cups have such cute sayings on them! I agree, though. WAY too early for Christmas stuff. Our Walgreens had Christmas stuff up yesterday afternoon. I can only handle one holiday at a time. :)

Miss K said...

christmas decorations kill me, but i'm ready for christmas music! LOL

Holly said...

the red cups, such joy for such a small change! its cute.

Lindsey said...

I kinda feel the same way you do. I was actually annoyed when people posted about the red cups, and yet, I am definitely getting a gingerbread latte tomorrow morning.

Melanie Joy said...

I am one with you - I'm tickled by seeing and holding the red Starbucks cup but am annoyed by seeing Christmas decorations in the middle of fall!


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