Happy {Wine Tasting, Cougar Football Viewing, Friends} Weekend

I am off to San Francisco tonight to see my bestie Mrs. R, The RinaCoff's, and some other great peeps up north.  In store for tomorrow is some wine tasting in Napa (my first time!) and then Saturday is the WSU vs CAL football game at AT&T park. 

I will be attending the game with these lovely ladies (along with some other fantastic fellow Cougs) and finishing up my weekend with a tour of San Fran and a day with Carebear. 

A fantastically perfect weekend and I am WAY overdue for a vacation. 

Hope y'all have a spectacular weekend and root for the Cougs to beat the bears! 



Danielle said...

they play at at&t..how fun! have a great trip!

Holly said...

danielle-just while they are undergoing renovations at berkeley.

have fun in napa!!!!

Coug Gal said...

So hope to see you Saturday! :)

Miss K said...

have a great time!!!

lindsaymeyer said...

I found your blog via Agora, an app that suggests people to follow on twitter based on your Foursquare check ins! (We both had dinner at Blue Barn tonight...)

Hope you had a fun weekend in SF! How was Napa?

Natalie said...

Love SF! Have so much fun and happy Thanksgiving!


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