Girl Crush ~ Rachel McAdams

a few weeks back when we were in canada, we were playing, "name a famous celebrity from canada" and surprisingly we came up with quite a few. 

my favorite of the few is of course ryan gosling who happens to have a deep connection with my other favorite and current girl crush rachel mcadams!

the girl is seriously the girl next door gorgeous.

her makeup and hair on the red carpet are almost always flawless and what i love most about her makeup is that her sister is her makeup artist!  talk about keeping it in the family!  rachel always has a dewy glow and looks amazing.  when trying to find ideal makeup, rachel is always one i look to first for inspiration.

not to sound like a creeper, but can we talk about her eyes.  such a pretty color and so full of expression.  i think part of what makes her such a great actress is her portrayal of emotions through her eyes.  they are captivating and expressive and i love it!

the girl has a bangin' bod.  it's toned and not too skinny and she really dresses for her figure.  whether she is sporting clinging and plunging white or shining in see through red marchesa.  the girl always kills it on the red carpet.

i love her transformation from sweet, sexy girl next door into sexy, mysterious vixen in her editorials.  high fashion clothes, glamorous hair, and a cat eye.  she screams hollywood royalty.

some fun facts about rachel that will make you love her even more:

*she born in the same hospital and her ex-boyfriend ryan gosling (luckiest girl alive)
*she's allergic to horses (i'm allergic to rabbits)
*use to work at mcdonald's
*turned down a chance to appear in vanity fair's hollywood issue when she found out it was a nude session
*woody allen wrote the part of inez (owen wilson's wife) specifically for her
*gosling has described her as "one of the great loves of my life" (luckiest girl alive)

seriously could she be any cuter or more likable?  i love her movies.  i love her style.  i love her attitude.  girl crush much? 


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

love her too! kinda want her to be my bff haha

null said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing..

Miss K said...

i.love.her. always have! she's a beauty!

Kristin said...

Yeah, I'm totally with you on this!

Anonymous said...

She's amazing!! As one of the greatest loves of his life?!?! Now that's a true love...

Anonymous said...

I love her too! She's gorgeous and so versatile and talented. I had no idea her sis did her make-up, that's impressive!

Leann said...

"one of the great loves of my life"

I die.

city said...

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