I'm Lovin' It ~ Summer Lovin'

happy may gray day!  even though the gray skies continue to rule over los angeles, my recent spray tan appointment and vacation in 15 days has me in a summer lovin' kind of mood. 

even though my vacation isn't to anywhere tropical, i am dreaming of blue skies, warm sun on my shoulders and all the fun that summer brings today. 

the items that currently haunt my summer dreams include:

jo malone vanilla & anise cologne - smells just like a root beer float.  yum!

every summer my flip flops take a beating and need to be replaced and every year i almost cave and buy those $50+ capri ones and every year i am saved by a cheaper pair.  this year gap nailed it with their leather flip flops available in a variety of colors and even come with a little extra cushion for your footsies.  awesome.

like the ray of light  kissing my shoulders, my toes will be sporting deborah lippmann's version of ray of light.  perhaps i will even listen to madonna's take on "ray of light".  that's cray, cray.

fringe benefits this summer - yes please!

in order to fully get the most benefits from my fringe, i plan to snack on these tasty little that's it. bars that give you two servings of fruit in one bar.  two fruits, one bar - much better than that other two girls one cup business (do not google it).

lastly a sweet little tumbler to enjoy a variety of light beverages from - although i am heavily leaning towards a calimocho or sangria - yum. 

what are you craving for summer?


Holly said...

yay, great roundup. i want to go get a whiff of that jo malone scent!!

and i cant believe you refereced two girls one cup, hahah you are hilarious.

Miss K said...

that was the all time worst video ever, i didn't even watch the worst part before i gave up.

jaimie michelle said...

That nailpolish!! Must have!!


L.M. said...

Love the Jo Malone perfumes!
Pass by my blog to check out my new makeover post.Hope you like it!


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