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blogging has been a bit of a difficulty for me lately and i hate it!  i feel like i am constantly writing things down to blog about and then never actually getting to them because of life.  and i realize it is good to live life and not be a slave to the internet, but i miss blogging.  i miss sharing things about me, things that i love and most of all i miss reading things about all of you. 
so in an attempt to catch up a little, here's a glimpse into my life these past few months via instagram (@lyndsylee)
a sleepy w / place setting / wedding debauchery / a lovely gift

a day in topanga / products to review (stay tuned!) / sweet little treat / buns all around at the whaler

weekends with christy!
pulled out the red lipstick finally / broken glass at brick + mortar / go cougs!

harvest celebration in napa / apple cider margarita / scenes from downtown l.a. / best game ever
still loving the accent nail / some tasty tequila with b

small wineworld in napa / a fitting sky for a tribute to an incredible guy
holy guacamole late night burrito / uggs are back / cakebread cellars is my favorite
i know i have said it before, and i am sure i will say it again, but i am hoping to find some more time to get back to posting and making blogging a bigger priority in my life.  here's hoping y'all are still checking in and reading it! 


Laura C said...

Still reading! What game is that???? "Rush Limbaugh's soft, shitty body." Sounds like fun.

Marge said...

LA Life is so much more interesting... miss you beuatiful friend!

Kristen said...

looks like you've had too much fun to blog!


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