The Smells of Fall

i have fought the arrival of fall long enough!  it is now time to embrace the crisp air and warm fall scents! 
my mom and dad ever so kindly sent me two incredible candles from bath and body works to welcome in fall.  i lit up the sweet cinnamon pumpkin (apparently no longer available on line - check in stores) for the first time on tuesday night and my roomie came home and said it smelled like thanksgiving in our house - success! 
above are some of my fave fall holiday scents (don't worry, there will be a winter holiday set come december).  i also would like to mention that although a candle is the obvious and easiest way to incorporate fall smells into your life, might i also recommend trying out a soap while you are at? 
i first received this yummy candle from boeing at work and it makes you crave a hot apple cider (spiked for me please) and the coziest socks you find. 
i am not a big advocate of anti-bacterial soaps (i believe they weaken your immune system) but after smelling the candle i just couldn't pass on a bottle of it.  i put it in my center console of my car for post workouts, gas pumps and any other yuckies that i may come across.
if you have been following this blog, you may recall this is my fave scent ever.  and while i usually just savor the candle, i was introduced to the dish soap and let me just tell you, doing holiday dishes is a whole lot easier if this delightful fragrance tickles your nose.
now this one i have actually never had the pleasure of smelling, but it is high on my list to find since pumpkin and chai are two of my favorite scents.  adding them together can only mean one thing - holy goodness. 
the second candle my mom and dad treated me to and it is another goodie (my roomie perfers this to the pumpkin scent).  i can't quite describe the scent other than it smells like walking your dog when it is chilly outside at about 5 pm.  does that make sense?
oh this candle brings sweet memories of christy and this past weekend in san francisco with carebear.  not only did illume master the scent factor but they really stepped it up a notch and provided a beautiful holder that requires no removing of stickers or hiding a label, just pretty gold and fall tones.  winner.
so that's it.  my fave scents for fall!  and just a tip, if you can't wait for your scents to arrive at home, your local grocer should carry the pumpkin maple scent in a variety of items for very reasonable prices.  no excuses! 
i would love to know your favorite fall scented home good...what's missing from my list?


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

seriously look forward to fall scented candles/soap every year!!!

Allyson [Mimosas in the Morning] said...

I can't wait to try one of these!

Kristen said...

mmmmm these all sound great! i love warm comforting smells like fall. i'll have to check these out

isna u said...

looks nice, any chocolate smells?


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