Song of the Week ~ Big Jet Plane

my fave pandora station is my florence + the machine as i have been thumbs uping and downing for over a year now and the selection of tunes just keeps getting better and better. 

one of the songs that just came on a few weeks ago was "big jet plane" by angus & julia stone and i could just kick myself for not knowing of this band sooner.  "big jet plane" reminds me a little of foster the people, so much so that when i first heard this song i assumed it was one of their new singles. 

the entire album is flowy, and easy listening - perfect for at the office, reading a book or a nice drive to the desert (palm springs, t-minus 4 days). 

any of you fans of angus and julia stone?  anyone else want to get on a "big jet plane" and head out just about anywhere else but where you currently are...me too.


ashley nicole catherine said...

love angus & julia stone!! i need to check out more florence + the machine though.

JAG said...

Love your choice of music always!!!

Just found some music on i-tunes "dr dog" thought o your and your blog :) listen to "do the trick"

***also so sorry to hear of your friend. so so difficult


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