Forever Frugal Friday

how are we all feeling about the peplum trend?  still a fan or want to move on?
me personally, still a fan.  which is why i encourage all of you that do like the peplum trend to order this knit peplum top from forever 21.  it's under $15 and i have already received no joke 10 compliments on it 3 of which were from complete strangers. 
you can't see in the picture but it has a cute zipper back and works lovely with my new factory brass-plated crystal necklace that i received yesterday from jcrew. 
this top is perfect to dress up or down and is soft and comfortable.  what more could you want?


Parlor Girl said...

I love this top! I stumbled across your site and it's so cute. Keep up the good work!

New follower :)

The Parlor Girl 

Kristen said...

i love peplum, especially to hide my belly (not bump, but belly fat), but i can't find a good length at any of my cheapie places. LOL. idk if i want to spend a lot on this trend right off the bat y'know?


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