Yippee It's the Weekend!

i just love short work weeks!
tonight i will be unpacking and re-hanging (exciting stuff) all my clothes and getting my room somewhat organized (best to start the year off clean and with everything in place). 
saturday will include my first workout of the year, perhaps a night out with the girls and who knows really! 
on sunday i will be on the edge of my seat or holding my breath as the seahawks take on the redskins - GO HAWKS!  plus i plan to fit in a little time with this fancy lady!
hope you all have a marvelous first weekend of twenty thirteen!  make the most of it!


Danielle said...

have a great weekend lovebug! so excited to see you soon!!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

hope you had a good weekend! and it's Monday again...haha


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