Gone Girl...

i borrowed "gone girl" from my coworker and was so excited to finally get to read the book that everyone was talking about!
except, every time some one saw me reading it, i head this comment "good book, terrible ending".  which left me feeling confused as to whether i should even bother reading it. 
the answer is yes. 
yes the ending was less than pleasing.  but the first 2/3rds of the book is compelling, well-written and suspenseful.  i enjoyed it immensely and didn't want to put the book down.  considering my book reading has been at an all time low, i welcomed the excitement i felt when reading this book. 
i cannot really review this book without giving anything away, but what i will tell you is that it is refreshing.  not refreshing like a jump in the pool, but refreshing as in i have never read anything similar or dare i say as honest as gone girl. 
i wish the ending had been different.  that said, i am happy i read it and am looking forward to reading another one of her books.  i am excited for the book to be made into a movie.  i am dying to see who they cast to play amy and nick.  most of all i am intrigued to see if they keep the much hated ending as is, or hollywood it up. 
did you read gone girl?  what did you think?  and what on earth should i read next?!
(ps - while i was reading gone girl, i happened upon this page in the book from b.  such a sweet surprise!  only problem is the book wasn't mine.  guess it is now!)


Anonymous said...

I read "Gone Girl" before anyone I knew had read it, so luckily I didn't have the same experience of others' opinions infiltrating mine. And I loved it! I totally understand how the ending is somewhat unsatisfying, but I also think it's fitting. (I won't say much else for feat of spoiling it for anyone reading this.) Definitely not expected, but maybe understandable? Anyway, I recently finished "Dark Places" and really enjoyed that, too. (And its ending wasn't disappointing.) If you like the thriller genre, I definitely recommend "Before I Go To Sleep" by S.J. Watson.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

i am dying to read it- on my kindle. my mom loved it.

Covet Living said...

Loved the book! It was such a page turner and yes, very honest. We actually just did a post about books on our blog - here you go! http://covetliving.com/books/books-to-sink-your-teeth-into/


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