The Big Move...

we found a place!  the lease is signed!  the keys are in our hands!  the move in date is tomorrow (don't worry, i haven't packed a single box yet)
and without further ado, i'd like to introduce you to our new abode in brentwood! 
entry way, kitchen (new fridge being delivered thursday), living room looking out
i am oh so excited for the hardwood floors, exploring my new fun neighborhood, the gorgeous kitchen, new bathroom and living with b. 
with my excitement comes a little bit of anxiety.  i lived with a boy before, things didn't end up so well.  living with a significant other is a big step, not to be taken lightly.
and believe me i am not.  playing house sounds like a lot of fun, but i know that there will be difficult times as well, and that frightens me.  not enough to make me back out, but enough that i need to tell myself to calm down and remember all the reasons i am excited that we are moving in together.
which include:  not having to pack an overnight bag, being co-dog parents, more time together and because it is the right next step for us. 
so while i am sure there will be some ups and downs, i am most looking forward to the ups and for the new change. 
hello home sweet home!


Holly said...

Congrats mama!! That is great!!

Lauren said...

welcome to the neighborhood! i live on the border of brentwood and santa monica!!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

How very exciting! Hope you share pics of when you move in/get settled...good luck with the move!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

How gorgeous is that?!? Congrats!

Kristen said...

how exciting and scary!! i didn't live w matt until we were married, but I was still nervous


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