Rodan + Fields Redefine Regimen Review

last december my gf stacie sent me some rodan + fields products to try.  i have only heard wonderful things about this beauty line and was excited to get to try it out for two weeks for free! 
after stacie and i determined my skin problems and goals, we decided on the redefine system to best address my goals.  this system is focused on reducing the appearance of lines, pores and loss of firmness.  growing up in seattle and being fair skinned has helped a bit with my aging and i feel very blessed to have the skin i do, but as i am creeping past 33, i am noticing the lines are getting a little deeper, my pores a little more noticeable and just a loss of daily glow. 
stacie sent me over a two week supply of the redefine regimen, the micro-dermabrasion paste and the lip micro-dermabrasion
i must admit, i am a dial hand soap as face wash kind of girl and besides moisturizer don't really dabble too much into systems or regimens for my face. 
the redefine regimen begins with the daily cleansing mask which is a thick white clay based cleanser that you apply as a mask for two minutes and then wash off.  the mask provides a little extra exfoliation and worked best for me in the shower.  in full honesty the two minute wait is a bit much for me in the morning, as i like to get in and get out. 
the pore minimizing toner (conveniently labeled 2) was the next step and i really enjoyed this product.  while i cannot attest that i saw a difference i did enjoy that it is alcohol free and left my skin feeling fresh. 
step 3 in the am is the triple defense treatment which i absolutely adored.  it provided great coverage, spf 30 and a light scent that was not overwhelming.  it was light and non-greasy and made my skin feel smooth and ready for my daily makeup.  in the pm i used the overnight restorative cream and again, i absolutely loved this product.  my skin felt moisturized and smooth and when i woke up my skin looked more refreshed then usual and ultra soft. 
twice a week i used the micro-dermabrasion paste in the shower or sunday night before the week to feel my freshest.  a little goes a long way with this product which left my skin feeling oh so soft and smooth which i LOVED!  it's gritty and really leaves you with a clean slate for the week.  dare i say my skin even looked a little brighter?
a few of my friends refer to my lips as "pillow lips" a nickname i would like to keep and take very seriously.  the lip micro-dermabrasion was one of my favorites as it was so easy to use and left my lips oh so pillowy and soft.  see ya dry flaky lips. 

my favorite product stacie sent over however, were the night renewing serum capsules.  one of my favorite things about these capsules is that they are pre-measured so you can't mess it up!  you use just the right amount every time and these babies most definitely had me seeing results fast.  i could absolutely notice an extra glow to my skin after using them as well as my lines looking a little less deep and my skin a lot smoother.  the serum is light but covers fantastically and made me feel like i received a little facial over night. 
i want to thank stacie for letting me try out the system and i am definitely planning to order the night renewing serum capsules again.  rodan + fields just released the macro exfoliator that sold out so quickly and sheds 5 million dead skin cells in one five minute treatment!  see ya dead skin! 
as we age and expose our skin to all those yucky toxins out there, it is ever so important to make sure you create your own beauty regimen to keep your skin looking its very best.  r + d has created some amazing products to assist you at home at very reasonable prices.  if you are looking to start now (and you should) reach out to my girl stacie and figure out the right regimen for you! 


Marina said...

I have really enjoyed using Rodan +Fields products too! They can be purchased through a consultant. I recommend their multi-function eye cream, too.
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Thanks for the review :)

Carolina Fontoura said...

Hi all,

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