Project Runway Rundown: Episode III

Episode three of Project Runway was kind of disappointing last night. The challenge was to create an outfit for New York City nightlife. Each of the designers was dropped off at a different area of New York and given an hour to take pictures which would inspire their design for this challenge. Usually this is one of my favorite episodes as you may recall Jay McCarroll’s (from season one) inspiration from the Chrysler building was an incredible interpretation and his runway look was beautiful.

The Judges Top Three:

Left: Kenley Middle: Leanne Right: Terri

Kenley’s was the winner (and my personal favorite – love the tulle!) and her photo inspiration was a picture of a map on a wall. This look was fun, flirty, and fantastic. Leanne pulled herself together after last weeks close elimination with this classy two piece skirt and blouse combo. Her design was based off of a planter grate, which is evident in with the pleating of the skirt. Terri created a fresh and funky tunic/pant ensemble that was based off some graffiti. Her final design to me was the best interpretation of her photo.

Bottom Two:

Left: Emily Right: Jennifer

The bottom two were poor designs that left little to be desired. Jennifer’s inspiration was a photo of a clock and I can kind of see in the sleeves where she might have brought in a little from the clock, but ultimately the design was flat, dowdy and matronly. However, the judges ruled that Emily’s LBD with numerous ruffles was a bigger disgrace. Emily’s picture was long exposure of lights that led to the bright fluorescent ruffles. Unfortunately, the ruffles were in all the wrong places and the dress ended up more cha-cha-cha then chic-chic-chic. Emily was Auf’ed and that was that.

The highlight of the episode for me was Blayne teaching Tim Gunn to “Holla at your boy”. Priceless.


Shelby said...

Fab recap! But I gotta put it out there...I didn't think the clock dress was that bad. The hem was unfinished but I actually liked the concept.

Marit said...

I love these project runway updates that you're doing! We're AGES behind you guys in tv...and I love that show!
Makes it extra fun that you put pics of the ensambles up too!
Thanks for providing me weekly reading!

Aimee said...

I agree - it was hilarious listening to Tim say "Holla at your boy." Tim: "Holler at your boy?" "No...Holla." It still sounded funny coming from him!


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