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I have read so many wonderful things about the Mario Badescu drying lotion that I figured the whole line had to be equally as wonderful. I cruised into my local Blue Mercury store and happily plucked up a jar of the Strawberry Face Scrub. The sales associate said it was a very gentle scrub that I could use daily. Well it sounded like quite a winner and I handed over my $15 dollars to the cashier and couldn't wait to use it. Fast forward three months and the jar is almost empty and I am not impressed.

Gentle it was, and smell good it did, but perform any miracles on my face it didn't. I felt a lot like slime with some strategically placed strawberry seeds to make it feel as though you were actually scrubbing. But no glowing skin, no results, just nothing.

Verdict: Save your $15, even though it is a good deal the results are minimal in any. I am however, giving this line another chance.


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

well at least you're giving it another chance. your skin always seems to be glowing in your pictures. i'll save my money. i'm still waiting on my bliss to arrive and i paid for 2nd day shipping.

Jessica said...

I don't usually spend alot of money on scrubs and cleansers, so I was overjoyed when I got a jar of Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion for FREE as a gift when I bought some new makeup at Sephora last week. That stuff is amazing. After using it twice, my skin looks so smooth and my pores are getting smaller and my skin is getting smoother. It's amazing. I looked it up online and saw that a jar of that stuff is $75!!! I could never afford that for myself but man, it's amazing.


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