Project Runway Rundown: Episodes 1 and 2

Project Runway premiered last week and let me tell you this much, I already love it! The first episode was a throw back to Season One, with contestants needing to purchase all their supplies from the grocery store. As you can imagine, this forced the designers to get creative. Most of the designers raced for the table cloths, dish towels, and anything that resembled fabric, opting not to work with fresh produce that would eventually wilt.

The designers were quite creative and came up with some fun dresses that were totally items I would love to own in my closet or would see in your local department store.

My three favorite looks:

Left: Designer Leanne had meringue cookie accents! Middle: Designer Korto used fresh kale for the neckline Right: Designer Kenley’s color combo was perfection

The judges top two:

Left: Designer Kelli was the winner with her dyed & burned coffee filter dress Right: Designer Daniel was a closer runner up with his dress made out of Blue Solo (Keg) Cups

The bottom three left much to be desired:

Left: Designer Blayne called this dress Girlicious, they called it a hot mess Middle: Designer Stella used garbage bags to design this uninspired and plain number Right: Designer Jerry created a disgusting homicidal house wife look that was wrong in every way

Jerry and his awful creation was Auf’ed and thus begins season five of Project Runway!

On to Episode Two!

The designers were to design cocktail dresses for their chosen models using all green materials – here’s the kicker, the models had to shop and select their own fabrics. Needless to say the designers were not overly thrilled with what the models brought back.

Three of my favorites:

Left: Blayne redeemed himself with the flashy fun pink number Middle: Terri thrilled with a beautiful navy blue ruffled number Right: Emily’s dress may have been very short, but had beautiful details and was fabulous

The judges top two:

Left: Kenley’s model looked simply put chic and fabulous Right: Suede was the winner with his unique and beautifully weaved top and tulle skirt

The bottom two were a brown, shiny, mess:

Left: Leanne’s cocktail dress came off more Peter Pan-ish Right: Wesley’s brown number was simply ill fitted and not cute

Cute Wesley was Auf’ed and no longer has a chance to be America’s next fashion designer.

Till next week! See you on the runway!


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i love it that the top two each had to use the same fabric and the bottom two had the same fabric. i loved both of those top two dresses. i'd probably never wear Suede's dress, but i could definitely see Natalie Portman in it. the bottom two... it didn't matter to me whose was worse. they were both terrible.

Erin said...

I loved Suede's dress from the second episode and thought it was so cute when Natalie Portman told him she'd love to wear it - he was so excited!

Shelby said...

Thanks for an awesome recap! I finally watched Episode 2 yesterday and honestly was not a fan of any of the fashions really. But I do love me some Natalie Portman so that made up for it! :) Great job Lynds

Avery Bleu said...

I was surprised by the horrible fabrics the models picked. I did like Suede's and thought Terri's was wearable.


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