Favorite Thanksgiving Episode Ever!!

My friends and I have adopted our own "Friends" Thanksgiving since relocating to California. We do it "Pot Luck Style" and end up drinking, talking and laughing a lot. We also often watch or talk about our favorite Thanksgiving Episodes of Friends. My ABSOLUTE favorite episode of Friends that also happens to be a Thanksgiving episode is "The One Where Ross Got High". I almost always cry watching it...The Trifle, Phoebe's love for Jacque Cousteau, the drugs and divorce. SOO funny!

Enjoy and Get Excited...It's almost tomorrow!!


Kris said...

Yes!!! Such a great episode, loves it! Happy T-giving friend!

Jamie said...

Are you gonna teach Joey and Ross what it means what it means to be hot in the new world?

Michelle said...

Yes!!! I love it! We watched it after dinner... "Hurricane Gloria didn't break the porch swing, Monica did!" Ha! Happy TG!


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