Wino Wednesday: Beer Me!!

I haven't really tried any new wines lately and instead have been sticking to my safe favorites.... so I thought I would share a fantastic seasonal beer just in time for the holidays!

Samuel Adams Winter Lager is a dark and hearty beer. I am not generally a fan of dark, amber beers at all. However, I tried this tasty treat a few years back and I always pick up at least a 6 pack every holiday season. It is dark without being heavy, but I must warn you that the alcohol content is higher on this beer then I am used to, and they will catch up to you fast.

So, mix it up and try this one out, it won't be around for long and once it's gone, you will have to wait until next year to enjoy it again!



Marit said...

NICE recommendation! I love dark beer, especially in the winter time!
I'll recommend this to my fam and friends at home...and will definitely try it next time I'm home and un-preggo!

Stacie919 said...

Gotta love the Baaaah-ston beers!


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