Open Letter to Williams-Sonoma

Dear Williams-Sonoma,

I am quite a fan of your store. It fills me with such delight each time I step inside and sample all sorts of goodies. You have a wonderful array of tasting salts, Sprinkles cupcake mix and cocktail mixers. All in all, I always leave your store quite satisfied.

However, this past Saturday evening I was frustrated to learn that you have replaced the ever lovely Spiced Chestnut Hand Soap and Lotion with Pumpkin Spice this year. While the Pumpkin Spice is very nice, let me assure you that it is NO Spiced Chestnut my friend.

I think the Pumpkin Spice is a wonderful addition to your holiday scent selection, but would like to recommend doing as Justin Timberlake suggests and bring "Spiced Chestnut back" - yeah.

Please and Thank You.



Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. I really want Spiced Chestnut soap to come back on the market. I learned W&S took the Wasabi soap off the market but so many people complained that it was brought back on the market several months ago. If we could get enough people to ask for Spiced Chestnut, W&S may very well bring it back on the market!

Anonymous said...

Meeeee toooo. I love the Spiced Chestnut hand soap. I can't believe it is not on the market anymore. EBay is selling some of the leftovers as RARE finds and getting lots of $$$$ for them. Please W&S..bring back our favorite sent. S

Anonymous said...

I too was very disappointed this year, unable to find the Spiced Chestnut hand soap and lotion combo! It is by far the best of the winter/holiday collection. Please make this available once again!

Along with that,I was also very disappointed when I found out that I could no longer get the "Foccacia" bread stuffing mix." I tried the new "Classic" but it didn't even come close. My family has raved about the Foccacia for the past few years. They were disappointed this holiday season. Please bring this wonderful item back!

Anonymous said...

I waited through three seasons to order the Spiced Chestnut hand soap for a number of family members and friends only to discover it had been discontinued. What a bind you put me in, W&S. People don't really want to smell like pumpkins. Please bring back the Spiced Chestnut soap--and to make up for the disappointment, make it available all year. I would buy it year round for sure.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the Spiced Chestnut lotion! I know you are losing alot of customers because of this.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see that there are so many people who agree with me about the Spiced Chestnut scent. It is absolutely fabulous and I think Williams & Sonoma is making a mistake replacing it with the Pumpkin. The Pumpkin is pleasant but it doesn't compare to the Spiced Chestnut. PLEASE bring this scent back....

Anonymous said...

Dito dito dito
Please bring back spiced chestnut hand soap. It it just smart business to listen to your customers.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend has the spiced chestnut lotion in her guest bathroom and every time I use it, I just love the scent. I have looked everywhere for the soap and lotion. I recently went to a silent auction at my son's school and I could not believe my eyes, the spiced chestnut soap was there and I made sure I won that auction!!! I was so happy but now I wish I had the lotion.

W&S, please bring back the spiced chestnut scent.

Lisa Nelson

Anonymous said...

I just discovered spiced chestnut lotion. It was in the bathroom at my sister's riding stable! I searched everywhere online for it, and just discovered it's no longer sold.

What was WS thinking?

It is a fabulous fragrance, and I'd buy it up in quantity in a New York minute!

Disappointed in Massachsetts

Anonymous said...

Please consider bringing back the Spiced Chestnut. I've been sparingly using what I have, but am nearly out. It's the best fragrance that I've ever found.

St Louis, MO

Nancy Watkin said...

I'd like to add my voice to the chorus! Bring back Spiced Chestnut!! I have so many friends and family members waiting for it's return. I've called Williams Sonoma, written, called the stores, etc. Please listen to your customers or they'll quit paying attention to you. Don't bring a couple bottles out at the holiday..get our Spiced Chestnut back into production and fill those stores back up. We're waiting for Corporate to listen to us.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Pumpkin Spice. I admit I never had the pleasure of using the Spiced Chestnut, but my Pumpkin Spice from last year is almost gone and I'm having withdrawals trying to spread it out. I love it so much, I sometimes wish I could sit down with a spoon and eat it! :) I only hope it comes back because I refuse to pay the outrageous prices being asked on ebay.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally in love with the Pumpkin Spice scent! I'm rationing my supply now and feel withdrawal coming on.

I was hoping to buy several sets for gifts and myself this year - the Spiced Chestnut just doesn't do it for me.

Hey Williams-Sonoma - Why not sell BOTH Spiced Chestnut and Pumpkin Spice soaps & lotions????


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