It's All Greek To Me!

In an effort to eat healthier, I have taken up eating Greek Yogurt instead of normal yogurt. It has taken a little while to get used to the flavor but I can honestly say after a few cups I quite enjoy it now. Seeing as I am new to this healthy treat (when you buy 0% fat that is), here is my breakdown of the three ones I have tried.

My favorite one so far is the Chobani Strawberry (they have lots of other flavors as well). With 0% fat and chunks of fresh fruit it is sweet without being overbearing and it has just the right amount of bite to it to make it refreshing. It is also fairly reasonably priced at about $1.59 a cup (on sale this week at Gelson's for $1.25).

My 2nd favorite is the Fage Strawberry at 2% fat. It is very flavorful but on the pricier side and it has more fat than the Chobani, so this one makes it into my cart when I want a little more of a treat, or they are out of the Chobani.


I was super excited to see that Yoplait had jumped on the Greek yogurt bandwagon and created their own line which was on sale for $1.29 at my local grocers. What I was not excited about was the flavor. I tried the strawberry (to keep it consistent of course) and it did not taste good. Bland, not the right consistency, just a big FAIL in my eyes. So if you are trying Green Yogurt for the first time, I would avoid this one at all costs.

What do you all think of Greek Yogurt? Do you have a favorite brand or flavor I should try? My girl Jackie had a great love for this product and has some great tips to make your favorite treats a little better for you.



Sweet Nothings said...

man i love yogurt. i could eat a tub at once.

did you get our email about being our blogger feature??

Bella's Magnolia said...

I love the Chobani as well! At my supermarket they usually sell 3 for $4 (so about $1.30 a piece, not so bad). The strawberry is what really got me into this brand, but now I absolutely LOVE the peach and can't get enough of it!

Meredith said...

I personally love the Trader Joe's Greek Yogurt. I get the vanilla and then had whatever fruit I want to it. It is so creamy and delicious. Also good with some sliced almonds or granola!

Amber's Notebook said...

I don't really eat dairy these days but when I did I used Trader jes greek yogurt for EVERYTHING!! I always use it as a sour cream replacement for casey. he has no idea!

Carolina said...

Choban is my new favorite!! That's only because they don't have a Trader Joes in Dallas. Trader Joes strawberry greek yogurt was the first one I ever tried and it's absolutely the best to me! So if you have a Trader Joes, try it out. Also, there is a brand called "Cultural Revolution" whose yogurt isn't greek, but it's really good and has a thicker consistency. I would give it a try. I bought at Whole Foods!

Lovin' the Greek though!!

Beebs said...

Fage makes an awesome plain with a honey pouch on the side- just delish! i think it is a 2% one.

Jaclyn Z. Reiss said...

Love it! Glad to see you are coming around! Sometimes I close my eyes and pretend it's Pinkberry. ;) I wish.

Cara said...

mmm... Fage (fpronounced fah-hey) is the best- especially with honey or ground flax seed and frozen bluberries!

Mama Debs said...

I checked out Fage yogurt while out shopping on Friday along with about 10 other brands. The sugar content for Fage with the honey packed was 28 grams of sugar. More than a 12 oz can of soda pop by 1.5 times. Be careful of anything that is fat free as it will have more sugar and salt than light products. I love yogurt but the sugar content gives me chills. For that reason I buy Dannon Light & Fit Carb and sugar control, just 2 grams of sugar.

lynlock said...

Trader Joe's 0% fat vanilla is my favorite, in the purple containter, but it's been out of stock for a few weeks at the store I go to in Ohio. Really hoping they bring it back soon but in the meantime I've been eating Stonyfield Oikos vanilla or Chobani peach. Also just tried the Yoplait and while it's fine for yogurt, I don't think it really passes for Greek. Seems too American-ized or something!


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