Song Of The Week: Kings And Queens

Oh Jordan Catalano, you are looking mighty fine in your new 30 Seconds To Mars "Kings And Queens" video. Remember when you used to wear guyliner and it just wasn't working for you? Let me just state clearly that this look you are sporting now, TOTALLY works for you.

I first heard this song right before Christmas and kind of forgot about it until recently when I saw this video. I have never been much of a 30 Seconds To Mars fan, but I am thinking I may need to reconsider my position on this band because this song rules!

When do you think Jared Leto looked his best? My So-Called Life days, his guyliner days or in this video? I am going to go with Mr. Leto, now in this video. Wow-wa-we-wa!


Jennifer said...

I love this song!

Amber said...

ahhh makes me want to rent my so called life DVD's!! I love this post, you have introduced to so many new songs and reminded of old ones i love =)


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