Word Up Wednesday

This Wednesday I am most definitely needing some inspiring words as I have lacked any motivation and the rain just rolled in this afternoon. Hoping these words and photos help pick you up too!


This one made me smile and is a great daily reminder!


Because I miss and respect that Conan, and because sometimes it is just too easy to caught up in the things around you. Being positive and working hard really do pay off, even if they take a bit of time.



This one rings especially true for me as I have been working on "living in the now" for about a year now.


Yes it is....

Happy Hump Day Darlings!


Nicole Marie said...

these are great. love the last one.

burrat brushetta recipe:Serves 6
1 each Small loaf of crusty Italian country bread
6 each Garlic cloves
1 1lb tub Gioia Burrata Cheese
3 Tbsp. Santa Barbara Olive Co. Citrus Oil
2 Tbsp. Honey
To Taste Salt

Preheat your grill or grill pan to medium heat. Slice the bread into 12 1/4 inch thick slices and toast on the grill until golden brown on both sides to make crostini. While the bread is still hot from the grill, rub one side with the garlic cloves and set aside. Top each crostini with a scoop of the burrata cheese.

Serving Instructions:

Place two crostini’s per plate, drizzle with olive oil and honey, season with salt

...its sooooo goooddd!!

jamieofalltrades said...

I love that Conan quote. Do you know I share a b*day with him too?

Jaime said...

Good ones! :)

Amber said...

Love those!! Ilike you find pretty pictues of quotes not just quotes ;)

Rosellini said...

I heart Word Up Wednesday! Makes me smile! I love Conan and adored his speech he gave on his last show....I think what he said alot! Great Finds!!!

Lyndsy said...

Nicole Marie ~ Thank you for the recipe! I cannot WAIT to make it!

Jamie of All Trades ~ I did not know you share a bday with Mr. O. He is a lucky guy to share such a date!

Amber ~ I love fantastic words with pretty pictures! Makes them that much better.

Rosellini ~ I am glad you like word up wednesday! i like them too because they are always good things to remember!



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