Quad {Seattle} City Birthday Party

This past trip to Seattle was one of my favorites and it was all made possible by the lovely LSpry who gifted me a plane ticket to Seattle to celebrate the big 3-0 with some other fabulous gals (all WSU Alum might I add - Go Cougs!). The weekend was full of good food, great friends, fantastic family and of course lots of beverages! Here goes nothing...

The roomie and I a few weeks before heading to Seattle watched "The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Pizza and one of the selections was Serious Pie in Seattle. Lisa, Avery and I made it just in time for happy hour...

Me & Lisa

We enjoyed the {buffalo mozzarella, san marzano tomato}, {roasted yellowfoot mushrooms, truffle cheese} and a salami one that I can't find on the menu. We washed the pizza down with a {maritime old seattle lager - yum} and Lisa with a {manny's pale ale}. It was incredible and a place I will definitely be heading back to when I am in Seattle again.

Next up we need to satisfy our sweet tooth with a "sweet treat" and stopped down at
Dahlia Bakery and enjoyed the best Peanut Butter cookie I have ever experienced in my LIFE!

The triple coconut cream pie bite wasn't too shabby either!

Then we were off to the Pike Place Market, where I just HAD to get a cup of coffee at the first ever Starbucks!

It also only seemed fitting that I order a Pike Street Roast brewed cup of coffee since I was on Pike Street. It was smooth and bold at the same time. Yum :)

The sun was starting to set and it truly was a spectacular day in Seattle (as you can see) and we were off to U-Village for dinner with the girls (battery died no pics), but not before heading into Cafe Campagne for a taste of bubbles!

On Saturday morning, we were lucky enough to get to attend sweet little Amelia's 1st birthday which was circus themed and just too cute!

This birthday party was also awesome because I got to meet little baby Abe and Carson! I also got to see their moms Tiff & Becki and fellow sorority sister Rask. A great reunion to prep for the evening ahead.

We then met up with The Reynolds at Pike Place again and I enjoyed my first taste of Absynthe with Mr. Reynolds at the Artic Club , who warned it would catch up with me later. Which ended up being about 5 minutes later when I didn't fully clear the bench to leave.

Then it was back to Lisa's cute apartment to get ready for our night out on the town.

Me, Lisa, Avery

The three amigos headed to Kel's along with the lovely Jamie of all Trades to Kells for Quad City Birthday Party (thanks JOAT's for coming up with this moniker).

Fellow B-Day Girl Laura, Me & Little Dottie Justine

College Roomies - Me, Alexis & Mrs. R

Me & Cassie

Such an amazing Bestie I have! Mrs. R & Mr. R flew all the way from DC for the Quad Party!

The last picture of the evening which says it all!

That's all folks! I just want to thank everyone again for the birthday wishes and for making 30 a piece of cake!


The Burrells said...

Great recap, and I'm so glad I got to see you! Come back and visit again soon :)

christianson said...

Lyndsy come back! (or at least come back soon) Baby Abe loves you and so do his parents :)

Sweet Nothings said...

what a lovely bday!!

Coug Gal said...

Such fun pics, loved seeing all the AGD ladies! Looked like a beautiful weekend of celebrating!

Jaclyn Z. Reiss said...

ahahhaha - LOVE IT! Looks like you girls had the best weekend! Happy 30!!

Koning said...

Loved seeing you at both parties. Amelia and i will have to make a trip south to some sun soon.

BTY..I am stole some pictures from this post. They are great!

Kris said...

LOL! Love that last pic!!! It was so great seeing you cute girl - love you!

Rosellini said...

So fun to see you! :) Great pics!!!! Love the PPMarket one! You look amazing!

Taylor Sterling said...

looks fun! I love Seattle! It is a great city!

Taylor said...

sounds great...I want that pizza!!!

amy b.s. said...

looks like you had a blast! definitely trying out your seattle eateries the next time i'm visiting! happy birthday again!

Jaime said...

Looks like so much fun! I love that last photo. And those pies look delish! :)

Nicole Marie said...

that pizza looks AMAZING!!!

Megan said...

looks like you had fun! Now I am craving a Seattle trip.


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