Desperately Seeking Sully ~ Thanksgiving Grub

We have officially entered my favorite food season of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas - oh me oh my! 
I love pumpkin, Turkey, cinnamon, stuffing (even though "technically" I really like dressing), wine, cranberry jelly (yes straight out of the can), bread and more wine.  It is all just scrump-diddly-uptious! 
My favorite kind of potatoes (besides french fries) is Classic Potato Gratin .  I am really excited that I get enjoy some on Thursday.  It has been a long time!

I despise lumpy mashed potatoes and am really picky when it comes to mashers.  I am pretty sure that this Potato Masher  from Williams Sonoma would aid in the creation of perfect mashers for Turkey Day.

I have been responsible for the turkey portion of our meal for the past 7 Thanksgivings, but this year I passed the torch.  I will say for those of you in charge of your own turkey should most definitely try brining the bird.  Crate & Barrel makes it really easy with this handy dandy Turkey Brine and Brining Bag  all in one.  Just boil up the mix, place in the enclosed bag, toss in the turkey and voila!  Instant goodness. 

I love stuffed mushrooms and often times cannot partake in enjoying them since they are filled with crab most times.  However I am pretty sure I can enjoy this Tuscan Stuffed Mushroom Mix.  The mix is full of tasty spices and makes stuffing mushrooms so easy (it also makes those allergic to shellfish really happy). 

I warned you that I am a lover of pumpkin, and this Perfect Endings Pumpkin Cheesecake is sure to please any and all who love pumpkin.  Not only is is lovely to look at, but the flavor I imagine is equally amazing.  Pumpkin Cheesecake is also a nice way to mix it up from the traditional pumpkin pie. 

This Thanksgiving I will be dividing my time between two separate parties.  For the first party I will be enjoying wine (most likely a few bottles of this or this) and apps.  My contribution will be Mac and Cheese Stuffed Acorn Squash. I am taking a chance, as I have never made it before...but it looks just so pretty and festive and I am sure will be equally delectable. 

For my second Thanksgiving celebration of the day I will be sitting down for dinner and responsible for dessert.  Apple pie and pumpkin mousse will already be present, so I opted to try and recreate one of my favorite desserts from Westside Tavern the Sticky Toffee Cake.  This recipe does not look easy to make, but if it turns out even 80% as good as the original I am alright with that. 

What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods?  What are you responsible for?  Any recipes you would like to share? 

Happy Eating!


Miss K said...

Mmmmmm now I'm hungry! Thanksgiving dinner isn't too special at my house bc my mom makes a turkey like 6 times a year and mashed potatoes almost weekly. She makes the most bomb mashed potatoes and especially the best gravy I have EVER had. Delicious! I look forward the most to stuffing! It's so good! I really just like the basic Stove Top from the box too, I'll even eat it cold. This year I'm supposed to make cider. Woo woo.

Danielle said...

this makes me sooo hungers!
um, my mom just informed me my aunt is making lasgna before the turkey...ummm im italian and proud, but last time i checked , there were no italians with the pilgrims. but ill eat it, bc my willpower stinks! lol

im making a smores pie..im so excited! which reminds me, i need to go to the store!

Taylor said...

WOW!! Delish!!! And first let me say drive safe between! ;)

I am responsible for it all!!!! We go the Ham route thoguh, since the fam doesn't enjoy turkey - I was just gogin to cook one for the heck of it and see what they said, but I couldn't imagine throwing it out. I did buy a precookd littel portion for myself, cuz everyone needs a littel turkey.

BUt my fav side is def super creamy mashed potatoes and my grandmas Broccoli casserole! (Check my blog I am going to post the recipe!!!)


Taylor said...

jeeze I really need to re-read before I post!!! Spelling errors, my word! Blame it on the end of the day!

Chiara said...

LOVE Sticky Toffee Cake!!! and yes, wine, wine and more wine!!

Valerie said...

YAY, this is my favorite time of year too! I love ALL the things you mentioned, including the food and wine, of course. That sticky toffee cake looks to die for! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.



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