Song Of The Week: Daylight

Back in September I was cruising around Santa Monica with the Reynolds and heard this song Daylight and made a mental note to purchase as soon as I got home.  Well of course I forgot and it wasn't until this past week that I was reminded of my love for this song by Pandora.  I have really been loving my Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare) [Explicit] station and Daylight came on and I was like, I know this song!  However, this time around I made sure to purchase the song right away.  I know Matt & Kim have quite a following and I am a little tardy becoming a fan but this song just puts me in the best of moods.  Enjoy!


Lauren said...

Love Matt & Kim. And they are pretty great live as well. The entire album that "Daylight" is on is very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Just got the chance to watch this and it had me smiling the whole time. Thanks for posting. I'll have to check out their album.

Avery Bleu said...

You're totally tardy for the party! I have a good remix of this song, have I not played it for you? Good 'Ol Fashion Nightmare is good too.


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